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Replace Transponder Key

When an exactly matching code is provided then only the transponder car keys will work. A transponder car key is designed in such a way only keeping ultra security of your transponder in mind. Matching of the particular code is the only way to start the car or else it won’t start. The reason for the implementation of high end technology here is to ensure that your car does not get started by any burglar or thief, only to take away your one the valuable possessions. As a result of this, stealing of your car or the chances of hot wiring reduces substantially.

Key Replacements ensure that your transponder key is replaced then and there where it is stranded. We carry all the requisite instruments to fix your transponder right away. We are known for our 15 minutes service from the time of intimation.

It is important to note here that we offer 6 months warranty with ever replaced transponder key with no extra cost. We work 24 hours and 365 days. We have no extra charge policy i.e. we don’t charge extra for coming on weekends or late night hours. Our locksmith team is dedicated to provide customer satisfaction.